Comic artist, love video games, synth tunes and cartoons. I'm the creator of Journey to the Skyline and am a freelance artist.

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I’m Mike and I’d like to thank you for your interest in a commission!

A full color character head to toe is $90 + $65 per extra character. Waist up is $65 + $40 per extra character.

Special effects & backgrounds are extra & are priced based on the complexity.


See my gallery for examples of my work & my range.

The steps of a commission:

1- You provide what you want me to draw with image references & after we agree on the details & payment, you pay half up front.

*Once I start the first-half of payment is non-refundable.

2- I create a low-detail pose and email it to you. Once approved, I move on to sketching the details (hair, clothes, face etc) once that is approved I move to the next stage. This where changes to the pose/hair/etc are simple & free for a few edits.

3- Next stage is inking, coloring, shading. I’ll send an example over of the colors for approval and once that’s done, shading/highlights begin. Changes to color, are fine but any larger changes like the pose, outfit, etc will be charged by an hourly rate.

4- After the commission is done, a low-res & watermarked version is sent over. After final payment, you’ll get a hi-res pic without a watermark.

*At this point the commission complete and is non-refundable.

I do not:

-I do not do requests/art for free.

-I do not work ‘for exposure’/shout out on social media, youtube,twitch.

-I do not do art trades.

-I do not create political/racist content.

-I do not create ANY sexual content involving minors.

-I do not do pornography/sexual intercourse.

Do not contact me about the above, I will not reply.

You can DM me here on NG or on twitter or email me at MikeG(at)Gx3R.com


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Bloated Equals Happy 25 Points

Feed 20 pounds of food to your specimen.

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Discover 5 passive reactions.

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Use 1 preferred item.

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Use 1 appropriate item.

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Hey y'all, because my friends have subtly encouraged me to post my info in an easier to find place (there was swearing and yelling D: ) I decided to listen to such great advice and throw together a thing for you to find all my stuff easily.

For commissions hit me up at: MikeG@Gx3R.com and I'll see what I can do for you!

I do not take free art requests, sorry!

Feel free to use it or ignore it! I'd be grateful if you dropped some support but don't feel obligated.


Comic: http://www.skylinecomic

Webtoons ver: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/journey-to-the-skyline/list?title_no=228921

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gx3RComics

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/snotgunner/

Picarto: https://picarto.tv/snotnarok

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Gx3RComics

Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/snotnarok

And of course you can find my stuff here on Newgrounds since it's the only place that has been around this long without catching fire and making artist's lives hell. If you're looking to watch something while you eat or fold laundry; I stream art on twitch & picarto monday & thursdays with my co-hosts & frequently follow it up with a game.

Journey to the Skyline is updated every Thursday and is a light hearted comedy adventure comic that should be fun for all.

But either way, hope the long list of lengthy links didn't annoy you away from checking out my stuff and I hope you'll stick around n' enjoy some stuff I make!